Monday, January 12, 2009


I am not currently selling the wood boards with the vinyl lettering, but if there is a demand I may start. I just needed to get started with the vinyl and get that going, then work on the other aspects of the crafts. Also, if I am shipping the boards it's more cost effective for you to get your own.

I will however ship blocks for the crafts. If you let me know what sizes you are looking for, I can do a quote for you. I don't have pricing yet, but if you do want it I can get the sizes cut for you and send it with your vinyl lettering. Shipping will be extra. If you are interested email me

The tiles are great for the vinyl lettering and fairly inexpensive. You can get the tiles at any Lowes, Home Depot or Home Store. Hope this helps!!

Lowes and Home Depot has a scrap wood pile that they sale wood for a fraction of the cost. Ask your local Lowes/Home Depot store where there's is located. It's usually at the back of the store in the wood/lumber departments.