Monday, January 12, 2009


To set up payment with Paypal, all you will need to my email address :
Pay to

There are many options to pay for your vinyl lettering

  • If you live here in Richmond, VA you are welcome to come pick up your Vinyl lettering, and pay by CASH, CHECK, or PAYPAL.
  • If you are having your vinyl lettering mailed, you can pay by CHECK or PAYPAL- echeck (may take 3-4 days to clear still), credit card or debit card.

When paying with a check I will send you a confirmation email of the total price of the vinyl lettering plus the cost of shipping, before I make or send any product out. If you then have any questions about the cost, you have plenty of time to email me any questions about it before I make or send it out to you. Once I receive the check, I will send out the product the same day.

Note:There will be a $20 handling fee for any returned checks.

When paying with paypal, go to

I am testing out using paypal to see how many people want to use it. I just wanted to make it easier for paying, because when you use paypal you can pay with echeck, almost any credit card, and debit cards. I use it all the time for paying for things online. Hope it makes it easier for YOU!

Paypal is quick and easy!! You pay that day and I get confirmation of the payment and I get your product off sooner than if you mailed a check. The faster the payment comes the faster you get your product :) Make sure that you know how to use paypal. You can set up an account with them or you can just make a payment without setting up an account and set up a credit card, debit card or even do an echeck. All the questions you may have about it is on their website.

  1. Your sensitive financial information is securely stored on our servers.
  2. When you use PayPal to pay online, you provide only your PayPal email address.
  3. The merchants/retailers receive payment from PayPal without ever seeing your financial information.

If you have more questions about it, email me or visit the Payment/Paypal Information Label. I will help you out as much as I can. Thanks.