Monday, January 12, 2009


I want everyone to be able to leave some comments for me and others, so this page is just for that. I want to hear how you like the product, what fun things you are doing with the vinyl, how you are doing, even new projects that others may want to hear about. I want this to be a fun page :)


Emily said...

My sister-in-law has great vinyl letter saying in her laundry room. It is, "drop your drawers here". I'm excited to get moved into my new home so I can order that saying for my laundry room as well as others I've seen. I especially like any labeling around the house too, like towel racks with kids' names above them.


That is so cute Emily, I like that. Vinyl is so fun to put around the house. I especially like that even though we are just renting at the moment that I can still decorate our place, because the vinyl is movable from the walls as well. Thanks for sharing.