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Updates-- AS of 01/01/2014
After moving across the country, having my daughter (3rd kid), it took awhile for me to get adjusted, but I am BACK! 

Check out my new Fall/Halloween Design- 
It's on Etsy right now, there is 1 left. 
"I love my little Monsters". 
If you want one and it gets sold out. Email me, and I can re-list some more. Thank you!
Here is the link... only $4.99 (details in link)

Recently, I have come across other people using my own pictures for there own personal websites and sales.  Just a reminder about photos.  Although it is fun to download and save other people's finished photos across the web for reference ideas, it is NOT OKAY TO USE OTHER"S FINISHED PHOTOS in your websites, blogs, stores and other advertising efforts.  Even if you crop out watermarks, it is a form of theft!!  Please do not do this, it is more serious than you may think.

This is one of he busiest times of year for my vinyl orders, please allow 3-4 days to get your order if local and 1 week if mailed. If you do need it quicker, I will do it, but there will be a $5 convenience charge added to total. Thanks for understanding and your business!

-NEW!!! I have made a new Order Form, so everyone will know all the information I will need to process your order. I can email it to you in a word document even to make that easy. This will make it easier for you and for me. Thanks.

Click here for Order Form or I can email you the form as well. When you email me your order, or just want to customize your own order at least cover all the questions asked in the ORDER FORM!!! If I have to keep asking questions that should have already been given to me it will delay your order.  Thanks
-I am also working on making many changes to the blog and doing an ONLINE CATALOG with more pictures, more premade designs, a couple more vinyl colors, and prices with a PAYPAL button to buy it right there.  Hopefully this will help out so you can tell me exactly what you want and so your payments can be processed quicker, so you can get your vinyl quicker! Thanks for your patience!

-I have added many more fonts to my font list.  This list will is updated monthly.

- IMPORTANT--To keep prices low, I will only be doing 5 sample fonts for each item ordered. Which means, if you have the word "Families Forever" you will need to know what 5 fonts want those words in. You can pick up to 5 fonts from the internet that I can get for free or from my font list and I will send you a pdf to your email of what those words will look like with those fonts. If you have any questions, email me.

Thanks for understanding and business!!


In MAY 2014 I will be starting to sell a lot of my designs on ETSY. I've wanted to do this for over two years, I am excited!! I'll keep you posted!

-Taking orders again!! When you order please allow a 8-12 days to get your order, if I have numerous designs and orders it may take a few days to make and a few days to get to you in the mail!! Remember mail is slower on the Holidays, so plan accordingly. Thanks.

- I also sell Gift Certificates! Easy and fun gift for anyone. My family loves to get them!

-Also, pictures slideshow is now located at the side of every page, this is for idea's or things you may want to order.

-NEW search box at the side too, so if you can't find what you want, just type it in and everything with that topic will pop up. Hope this makes things easier!

Thank You

Thanks so much for all your business!! I have added some Pre-Made Designs so check them out under PREMADE DESIGN label. Sign up for my Email List and I will send you the next promotion and if you give me your Birthday Month and Day, you get 10% off on that special day too.

I have had some people asking questions if they are correctly applying the vinyl. In addition to my Applying and Removing label, I will make a video and post it in the next week or so to show anyone how to apply the vinyl. I also have been working on my own projects and came up with some new idea's, so I will post some new pictures soon. It's been hard to get pictures, because I have been just mailing off the vinyl and don't see the finished products to take pictures. Hopefully the pictures will help you come up with some fun idea's as well.


With the vinyl lettering the application time is quick and easy!

There are so many fun things you can do with your vinyl. The possibilities are endless! You can make a craft with your favorite Lyrics, your favorite quote, or even your family name.

You can apply your vinyl to almost anything as long as it has a smooth to medium textured surface. You can apply it to wall, wood boards, tiles, picture frames, glass, mirrors, windows, doors, and even your Christmas ornaments!!

All the information you need to know is listed on the right side of the Blog. Just click on a topic of interest and the page will pop up. If you have any questions on how to use the blog, you are welcome to email me as well.