Monday, January 12, 2009



First of all, make sure that the surface that you are applying the vinyl lettering to is clean and completely dry!!! With wood, take a damp wash cloth and rub over it a couple times to make sure you have removed any wood particles if you have just sanded it. If you have painted your walls recently it's best to wait at the minimum of 3-4 weeks before you apply any vinyl, it may not stick as well if you do it sooner and take off paint if removed later on. Get ready to apply!!

A little information you need to know before you get started. There are 3 layers with your vinyl lettering.

1. Top - Transfer tape, its the more clear sheet you can see through.
2. Middle - Vinyl Lettering
3. Bottom - White Vinyl Backing, it has the grid squares on back or says oracal.

  • Take the sheet and lay the side with the transfer tape face down.
  • Take a credit card, ruler, or anything with a flat hard end and press down several times to ensure that the tacky side of the vinyl sticks to the transfer tape. This also helps remove any bubbles or air that may have been in the vinyl letters.
  • Take the sheet and position it where you would like it on the surface where you will be applying the vinyl lettering. You may want to use some masking tape to hold it into place or mark the spot where the vinyl lettering going to be.
  • Make sure that it's straight and the letters fit.
  • Slowly take off the white backing (3. Bottom) and peel back slowly. Make sure the lettering is sticking to the transfer tape and pull off completely till totally removed. If the vinyl letters are not sticking to the transfer tape put the white backing down again and press it down more with the credit card until it sticks.
Important!!!! When you apply the vinyl lettering on a surface it can not be removed and reused again, so make sure you have positioned it correctly!

  • Take the vinyl sheet and place the vinyl letters face down onto the surface. The vinyl lettering will be sticky, so it will stick to the surface you are applying it to.
  • Grab your credit card or object with the flat hard end and press down firmly several times on the transfer tape to get rid of any air bubbles and to ensure the letters will stick well to the applied surface.
  • Take a corner and start to slowly peel off the transfer tape. Again, if the vinyl lettering is not sticking to the surface place down the transfer tape again and press firmly on the letters and edges of the letters.
  • Rub till transfer tape will completely peel off and leaves the vinyl lettering on the desired surface.
You are finally done the applying process and now its time to enjoy your craft!!!

Removing the Vinyl
  • Take some tweezers and gently pull the vinyl off of it's surface. If the vinyl won't come off, take a hair dryer and heat up the lettering a bit and it will make it easier to peel off.
  • If the surface where the vinyl used to be is sticky take some alcohol or some goo-gone and carefully take it off the surface.
I hope that this helps and if you have any questions about these procedures please email me, I don't mind helping you.

Note: I am not responsible to damage on walls, other surfaces, for not placing the vinyl on correctly or straight. Thanks.